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Dr. Stephen Figler OD

Imagine having difficulty seeing while you’re driving, reading your favorite book, watching your daughter/son walk down the aisle, or missing out on the beautiful landscapes of life. CEO and owner of Broadway Optical, Dr. Figler, recognized the hardship of not being able to see clearly at a young age. He along with several surrounding him, struggled with their eyesight. Driven by his passion for helping others, he decided that he would be an optometrist one day at a young age. His goal was to help others see the beauty of life clearly. Flash forward 15+ years, in 1991, he graduated from The Ohio State University College of Optometry. Post college Dr. Figler took over Broadway Optical to serve those from his homeland-Cleveland. Soon after taking ownership of Broadway Optical, Dr. Figler brought his wife on board to manage the practice. He is proud to say that his practice is a family-run business with spectacular, loyal staff members. Dr. Figler is now an established optometrist, having been practicing for nearly 30 years and only plans on serving Cleveland longer. Let Dr. Figler help you see the beauty in the world clearer.

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We are looking for a Business Operations Employee, Testing Technician, and Optician as we expand into upstairs.

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